3 Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + Danielle
3 Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + Danielle
3 Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + Danielle
3 Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + Danielle

3 Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + Danielle

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We’ve had multi-million dollar launches and we’ve operated in the red. Deep collaborations, and solo ventures. We’ve created a #1 podcast, pioneered heart-based pricing policies, raised major bucks for charities… and learned from some expensive mistakes.

Team D is one of the best in the online personal development space. In these video-based Virtual Business Retreats, we’ll give you three behind-the-scenes tours: how to run a heart-centered launch (from ideation to celebrating sales); how to produce a podcast that gets attention; and how to create healthy systems and culture on your team.


Feel bolder, clearer, and more inspired by your business.
What is your purpose and vision? Inner attunement before outer attainment. We’ll show you how our vision-driven campaigns and offerings yield the most fulfillment.

Heart-centered solutions to real problems.

Our community sent us their burning questions, and we crafted our curriculum to address common blocks: fear of failure, how to launch when starting from zero, marketing that feels genuine, staying consistent, inspiring a team, how to promote in a crisis… Our retreats are part mindset, part mystic, part how-to. We teach in a behind-the-scenes style—sharing our wins AND our mistakes, so you’ll learn a few things that you won’t find in most business courses. You’ll walk away with the confidence and clarity to lead, make, and market in ways that are true to your heart.

Save yourself a lot of Googling, and cash.
Over the years, we’ve vetted hundreds of apps, software, services, and tools. You’ll get lists of all our favourite resources: podcasting, social media, design, project management, and more.


  • Three pre-recorded Virtual Business Retreats (7+ hours of Team D)
    • Retreat #1 - The Prolific + Profitable Creative: Art + Ops.
      Three hours of training.
    • Retreat #2 - Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention. Two hours.
    • Retreat #3 - Develop your people: Planning for team cohesion, wellness, and growth.
      Two hours.
  • Worksheets, resource lists, templates and charts to help you go deeper and farther.
  • Lifetime access to all of the above.


RETREAT #1 – The Prolific + Profitable Creative: Art + Ops
In retrospect, we should have named this retreat “How to run a heart-centered business.” We cover a lot of ground...

  • Intention + vision: how our “Why” guides everything
  • Creative processes: accessing your Flow
  • The product life cycle: keeping your offerings relevant and alive
  • Branding/design + copywriting
  • Operations: how we stay organized and manage our deadlines
  • Finances + pricing: heart-based pricing strategies
  • Marketing + metrics: non-sleazy sales and how we measure success
  • Leveraging support + nourishing community: how we serve the people who will buy or participate in our offering, and all the people in our concentric circles of influence—from the special communities in our DLP sphere, to the people of the world, and the planet itself. This is how we SHOW UP.
  • Editorial calendars: deciding when to launch and planning your campaign

You’ll be training with:

  • Danielle LaPorte
  • Dee Bailey, Chief Operating Officer
  • Jessica Lentine, Graphic Designer
  • Nikki Bonsol, Senior Writer
  • Renee Masur, Content Director
  • Susan Turvey, Marketing + Community Manager

RETREAT #2 – Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention
The With Love, Danielle podcast was #1 in Health & Wellness on iTunes. It was our largest driver of traffic and engagement in 2019. Want that kind of visibility for your message? We’ll cover the creative ecology of podcasting—from finding your voice, to editing audio, to deciding how you show up on social.

  • Inspiration + Creation: choosing your lane, staying in flow
  • Production: equipment, resources, recording and editing tips
  • Publishing your podcast: how to submit your show to all the big platforms
  • Marketing + Metrics: we’ll share our strategies for increasing ranking and reach, how we structure our podcast promo, the stats we track, and data on our best successes… and mistakes!

You’ll train with:

  • Danielle LaPorte
  • Dee Bailey, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kelly Whinnem, Podcast Editor / Audio Producer
  • Nikki Bonsol, Senior Writer

RETREAT #3 – Develop your people: Planning for team cohesion, wellness, and growth
This retreat is part personal reflection, part behind-the-scenes. It’s co-led by Chela Davison. Chela is the genius behind our team cohesion. She’s a world-class Integral Master Coach, and former President of Integral Coaching Canada. Chela helped us steer clear of burnout, and put new systems into place for team meetings and interaction. Danielle and Chela will cover:

  • Company culture: What is it? How is it created?
  • Emergent leadership: Leading yourself and others. What is your current approach to your work? And how does it further the goals of your business? Your life? (Or not.) How do you know when something needs to change?
  • Team building + cohesion: What’s the purpose of a team? When’s the right time to hire? And how do you hire the right people, and make sure they’re in the right roles? How do you grow and develop together?

Your mentors:

  • Danielle LaPorte
  • Chela Davison, Integral Master Coach™


The next best thing to being ON Team D is… retreating with us! Enter our team sanctum, and we’ll share our key insights, strategies, and our tried (’n true) business systems.

Retreats (aka VIP Tours). Team D style. For you. With us.

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