Neon #Truthbomb
Neon #Truthbomb
Neon #Truthbomb

Neon #Truthbomb

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If you're a collector, a seeker, an indulger, or you're in the proverbial dark... light up your life — with the truth.

Introducing our new EXHIBITION line with a limited run of my first edition, artisan-crafted, neon #Truthbomb. From my heart to your power source.

For your office, behind the reception desk, on your bedroom wall, or in your dining room (my neon piece is in my own studio by the desk). This is a brilliant reminder of who you are, through and through.

Read the story and check out behind-the-scenes images and desktop wallpapers of this luminous piece here: First Edition Neon #Truthbomb

The First Edition Neon Truthbomb is sold out. We'd be delighted to produce one for you with 6-8 weeks production time.

Product Specs:
40″x15″ 30 lbs, 120v Outlet, 200 Watts, Shipping Included**

**IMPORTANT NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: As this piece will be shipped directly from the art studio to your door, a member of our team will be in contact with you to coordinate the shipping details one-on-one. Due to shipping limitations when it comes to large art pieces like this one, we can currently only ship to countries that allow one- or two-day shipping from the art studio in New York. If you’re not sure if your location can receive an overnight shipment, reach out to and we’ll confirm!

How do I hang it on my wall?

Installation is quick and easy. Download the instruction manual HERE for detailed instructions!

What color is the light?

We put a lot of thought into the neon tone of light for this piece. We wanted to make sure it felt warm and cozy in your home or art space. We chose a slightly warm-toned white light. For a good example of what this looks like, see the night shots on our product page.

Does the sign “buzz” when plugged in?

No it will not buzz, we promise! Neon will only “buzz” when plugged into a dimmer-outlet or mis-wired in some way.

How is the piece shipped?

As this is a unique work of art, we will handle shipping to your address on a one-off basis. Once you place your order to claim one of the five pieces, we’ll reach out to you individually and coordinate the shipment timing. Pieces ship within 1-2 business days, and will only be shipped via an overnight or 2-day service.

What happens if the piece breaks during shipment?

If a piece gets broken in shipment, the studio we partnered with will need to make a replacement tube. We will coordinate with you one-on-one to determine a replacement fee, if necessary. The studio can also recommend a local repair shop, depending on the location.

Does my purchase include a warranty?

The transformers are covered for 2 years from manufacturing by the time they leave the art studio, there is generally around a 1-1.5 year warranty left on them. The warranty covers tubes not lighting up upon arrival, but does not include coverage for damage from transit or installation. Neon tubes last a very long time, so they don’t burn out per se, but after 10+ years they can give off less light.

Will you be making more?

We don’t have any concrete plans to make more at the moment, but if demand is high, we will consider it. These are one-of-a-kind, unique art pieces handcrafted & built individually.