The truth inside your pain

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Thursday, October 5 
12pm PT | 3pm ET

Thich Nhat Hanh considered suffering to be our “holy truth”. Once we know our pain better, we can move through it. And when we’re more energetically mobile—less stuck, we can bring more nourishment into our lives. Know the pain. Clear the pain. Move into more yummy living.

This is a class about interacting more consciously—kindly, deftly, with your beautiful pain. I’m going to do this as a teach ‘n journal response. We’ll go through:

  • 5 Questions to ask of your pain—because the first step to healing is to examine the wound. 
  • 4 Questions for resolving unfulfilled desires—set free regrets and longings that are holding you back.

This is a lite (or deep) excavation of our holy stuff. It’s waiting for you and we’re in a safe space to gently explore it with some simple questions.