Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle
Resilient, but not brittle

Resilient, but not brittle

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How to tap the strength in your Soul
A 90-minute pre-recorded online class with Danielle
PLUS! Practice Deck + Audio Blessing

Please don’t “toughen up.” Let Life open you. Especially when the ride gets bumpy… bend. Bow. Stretch. Flex. Rest. Stay soft. Adapt.

Adaptability is the strength of the Soul. It’s the Mother of openness. Courage. Fortitude. And Resilience. It’s how Life perseveres and continues to thrive up against even the most jolting changes. It’s your Truest Nature. It’s where we’re designed to go.

Here's your invitation to let the brittleness, the polarization, the stuckness… let it all go. And a few exercises that’ll keep the heart-mind anchored in the resilience of expansion.

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Class overview

Bend so you don’t break. Expand to move forward. The more we can hold, the more resilient we become. Attunement time!

During this 90-minute pre-recorded online class with Danielle, we’ll roll through:

  1. The simplest entry point into a resilient heart.
  2. How to stay open and receptive when the ego wants to shut out divide us.
  3. A simple method to dissolve and deepen mental relaxation.

FEATURED EXERCISE: Deeper Gratitude. Get the ego out of the way, and tap into the power and significance of what’s already around you.


  • What I Trust List Exercise—ease anxiety and welcome mental relaxation by finding what’s currently supportive.
  • Deeper Gratitude Exercise—find the power and significance in the stuff that’s been there, but you may have missed.
  • Virtue Blessing Practice—energize your mind + body with the frequency of Resilience.
  • Virtue Embodiment Exercise—bring Resilience into your thought patterns.
  • Reflection notes on Resilience—great for a morning/evening inspiration read.
  • A Metta Bhavana Prayer card for daily practice.


  • Resilience Perspective—a poetic piece on the qualities of Resilience.
  • Metta Bhavana Prayer Audio—recited by Danielle, looped to meditative music.
  • What I Trust List
  • Deeper Gratitude
  • The Virtue Blessing Practice


  • Instant, lifetime access to ALL of the content.
  • 🌲 We plant a tree for you when you join!


  • Less reactive and less polarized. You’ll have space for your views AND their views. #worldpeace
  • More compassionate of yourself and others. Relief.
  • Much more gentle, gentle, gentle. This is incredibly powerful.
  • Less anxious, less judgemental, and more accepting of who you are and how life is unfolding. This is also incredibly powerful.

You’ll receive an email with the full class kit! 90-minute pre-recorded online class, practice decks, and audios.

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This class is a taster of what Heart Centered Members work with every month. The membership branches out to include four full meditation kits, bathing and breathing rituals, two Heart to Heart Zooms a month with Danielle, a community and support videos + audios.

Start here, where you are, and maybe we’ll see you in the Heart Centered membership sooner than later. It’s a contemporary healing space, and all are welcome.

A note to our beloved Heart Centered Members: this is FRESH content. Never before shared. Please dive in.

P.S. Get licensed to take these healing exercises to your community, clients, or workplace! The Heart Centered Facilitator Program offers everything you need to build a service based business… learn more HERE.

Looking for 1:1 support as you go through this work? Go here.

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