Loving Reminders
Loving Reminders
Loving Reminders
Loving Reminders
Loving Reminders
Loving Reminders

Loving Reminders

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Turn up the Love and put ‘er on repeat! 

52 voice memos + deck cards from Danielle, delivered via email every Sunday for a year. Inspiration for kindness, resilience and all kinds of idealism. 

Prompt your heart’s genius with audio reflections such as: 

  • Your heart is already open
  • My heart, is your heart, is our heart
  • Think with Love
  • Embrace your contradictions
  • Undo your self
  • Choose to expand
  • Love it all. Love it all
  • Ask your heart what is wants to tell your mind
  • Divine Love is limitless

These nourishing words and sweet inquiries are antidotes to the fear-based, limiting scripts we’ve had on repeat for years. As daily writing motivation, digital oracles, or on-the-spot inspiration, Loving Reminders are for deep thinkers and anyone stepping on the path to healing―themselves and our world.

The companion How To Be Loving Deck + Journal are also available to take this work deeper. This collection is substance with a side of playful. Shop the collection here.

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