Life force visualization

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Thursday, October 19 
3pm PT | 6pm ET

This is a visualization to nourish our nervous systems. It’s called The Creation Space Meditation. We work with imagery of lush, green colour frequencies. PRANA. Life force. And we *bask*. The idea is that we become more receptive to healing from the Divine Feminine.

I worked with this meditation for two years before we released it, and I adore it.

Class notes: Be seated in lotus position if possible or just be sure your spine is straight (also driving and making breakfast will do—show up however you can!) A candle is ideal. Facing the east is even more ideal. I’ll guide us into The Creation Space. And *together* (this is even more healing in a group space), we’ll set the intention to generate fresh creative energy and healing. And so it is. And so it shall be.