Heart Centered Mastermind

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Are you ready to embody a new dimension of leadership? One that's guided by the intelligence of the heart and fueled by purpose-driven service? Join us in the Heart Centered Mastermind.

We’ve curated supportive programming + content that will set you up for big leadership impact. We’ll help you go from “me” to “we” with the following:

  1. Monthly LIVE Mastermind Classes with Danielle and guest experts—training pros, master level coaches and entrepreneurs, marketing and finance wizards, psychologists, and teachers in the mind-body-spirit space.
  2. Monthly LIVE Q+A Sessions with Team D
  3. Regular Office Hours with Team D… we’re here for you
  4. You’ll get a FREE Heart Centered Membership—that’s 2 classes a month with Danielle and an ALL ACCESS pass to our wisdom library of practices ($300 value)
  5. Private virtual community, with a Community Manager and support team
  6. FREE attendance to the annual (virtual) Heart Centered Leadership Summit ($250 value)
  7. Monthly Centered leadership newsletter and feature opportunities
  8. Weekly support emails from Team D and the community

The Heart Centered Mastermind supports coaches, wayshow’rs, facilitators, teachers, managers and idealists of all kinds to be strong, compassionate leaders. We’ll bring in the experts in leadership, connection, team development, psychology and wellness to teach and inspire. And our whole team will be contributing their know-how to the Mastermind group.


“Just wanted to share the Biz Circle last week was amazing and a true gift to my wife and I and our organization Allowing Love. It's so valuable for us as we are diving deeper into marketing, ads, funnels, etc etc and want to keep it all 100% authentic and heart/soul centered bc that is the level of work we're doing.” – Eric L.

“Thank you—that was awesome. I loved it. Great questions. Time flew right on by! Can't wait to do it again! Love.” – Amanda G.

“Thank you so much for this hugely informative biz circle. There was so much shared that really expanded my way of seeing the whole process, and in particular, the conversation around profit, value exchange, and how profit can show up in multiple ways. The drudge of marketing for me really shifts when I am offering from the place of my highest value with the focus on true healing, and profit secondary. So many other great takeaways as well. Will be re-listening this weekend.” – Catherine