Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast
Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast

Grace for Impact: ebook + audiobook + podcast

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Perspectives + practices for intense, beautiful transformation.

GRACE FOR IMPACT is a primer in shadow work and re-imagining. I’m suggesting we go deep within to shed fear and illusions of separateness. This is our time for letting go and turning to Higher Love. And then!... Well, then… the beautiful societies we’ve been imaging for years will emerge from us. Micro to the macro.

The ideas and spiritual practices in Grace for Impact moved me through my own dark night of the soul. Please use them during this collective dark night––or in any period of intense, beautiful transformation.

This book is more like a course in gritty divinity.

Here’s where we’re going:

  • Attuning to your heart through disruption
  • Opening yourself to Higher Guidance
  • Slowing down to create a more fulfilling life
  • Using your pain to connect to the heart of others
  • Devoting more deeply to Mother Earth
  • Boosting your immune system and your Faith in humanity
  • Leveraging this pressure to turn pain into beautiful power
  • Clearing energetic stagnation
  • Forgiving, letting go and more forgiving and letting go 
  • Daring to create Utopia

Reflective writing practices, prayers, stories, “letting go lists”, paradigm-shakers and a non-stop invitation for us all to awaken our Inner Divinity and rally for social reconstruction. Who’s in?

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This is the reset that we’ve craved—but delayed. 
This is the shedding we have feared—but desired. 
This is what we knew was coming, but could not have known about. 

This is the time to do the deep inner work. I’m volunteering to point you to the shadowlands. I brought a flashlight. A new world awaits. 

May this passage gracefully lead us to One Love.

• • • • •


The ebook (76 pages) + audiobook (7+ hours)

  • Chapter 1: Dying for love
  • Chapter 2: Sacred reprioritization
  • Chapter 3: Your suffering is a holy event
  • Chapter 4: Things I do when I’m in pain
  • Chapter 5: Lighten your load so we can make it to the other side
  • Chapter 6: Scenario planning with Faith
  • Chapter 7: Make this change you

Reflective writing practices
(Deep stuff) for self-compassion, shadow work exploration, and connecting with the Divine Mother.

Stereo Grace. Danielle sermonizes, philosophizes and asks you some heart-to-heart questions.

Extra nourishment
Video interviews, prayer sheets, resource lists, Nourishing Thoughts, and printable art posters.

One tree planted!
When you purchase Grace for Impact, we donate money to plant a tree with TreeSisters. Love and oxygen!

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