The Fire Starter Sessions Workbook - Digital

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Be strategic with your desires. Leverage your contradictions. Say no to resentment and yes to inspiration. Make ease a metric of success.

These precepts are kindling for your soul fire, they are pathways to what you truly want, and they are the reason this workbook exists. It's a companion tool for my book, The Fire Starter Sessions - which is like a mixed CD of apathy-kicking sermons and love-soaked questions.

I’ve created this workbook as a concentrated source of fuel for your soul fire: it includes digital versions of every worksheet from the original book — so you can fill them out again and again.

My worksheets are a quick way to reignite and realign a few times a year. Want to spend more time feeding your true strengths? The Easy priorities worksheet will bring clarity around what really lights your fire. Itching to get your past failures, mistakes and hurts out of your system and move ON? Bust out the Purge the past urge worksheet. Ready to raise your money frequency? Consider that money is everywhere with my Freely associating with money worksheet.

Crack your digital workbook open anywhere and any time you want to feel a jolt of inspiration, turn up the heat on your desires, or redefine what success truly means to you. Because when you set your own light free, you become a veritable force of nature.

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