Biz Class: Public speaking + presenting
Biz Class: Public speaking + presenting

Biz Class: Public speaking + presenting

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How to guest like a pro

75-minute class with Danielle + Jessica Zweig
PLUS! A workbook to craft your message + calm your nerves

Poise, anxiety, applause, heckles. Performance and poetry. Power groups and classrooms. Public speaking. Between Jessica and I, we’ve hit the bases, missed some marks, and left it all on the stage.

This is a class for anyone who is presenting to anyone… anywhere. A team pitch meeting or a conference keynote. We’re going to tell you about why our best presentations worked, and how we learned to get more centered and assured. 

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Class Overview

This will be a teaching blend of spiritual perspective, psych 101, presentation basics, and a bit of the beauty and travel stuff that we both wished a friend had told us before we started our speaking careers.

  1. Your philosophy and how you approach your life as a creative person
  2. The practical habits to harness your message and content

This is a class you’ll replay before you step out to shine and serve.


  • How to prepare your content to have impact
  • Preparing your mind and getting centered—from nerves to calm
  • When to put the mic down
  • How to secure the gigs
  • Looking good and feeling good
  • Post presentation rituals for deeper learning


  • 75 minute session
  • Pre-recorded Q+A time (juicy)
  • Digital workbook to guide you through class
  • Lifetime access to session + content


  • Instant, lifetime access to ALL of the content
  • 🌲 We plant a tree for you when you join!

You’ll receive an email with the full class kit! 75-minute pre-recorded online class + workbook.

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To sincerity, a plan, and a bit of polish…

Vive la Heart Centered Business,
Danielle + Team D

P.S. This class is a taster of the mentoring provided for our Heart Centered Leaders every month—FREE. Learn more here.

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