Biz Class: Grow your platform in a Heart Centered way
Biz Class: Grow your platform in a Heart Centered way

Biz Class: Grow your platform in a Heart Centered way

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From lists to social media—with integrity.
75-minute class with Danielle + Team D Leadership.
PLUS! A workbook to pinpoint your strengths +  leverage them for more visibility.

Use social media and the digital space to SUPPORT YOUR GOODWILL. You can raise your visibility while being rooted in your principles. First, you get grounded in your vision and THEN you design a connection strategy. Don’t get pulled out by the flash and the noise. There are ways to be authentic and leverage the awesomeness of algorithms to grow your business.

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Class Overview

I’ve rolled out marketing funnel campaigns that I did NOT want to do (too salesy-gross). I’ve written sales copy that was too poetic and confusing (note: do NOT confuse the people you are trying to serve). Oh! I also paid a marketing consultant a LOT of money for a strategy that I launched and really didn’t feel good about, and then I tore it all apart and just did it my way—HEART CENTERED. And it worked. On all levels.

Join Danielle, Renee (Content Producer of 6 years), and Dee (COO/Marketing Director of 5 years) for this 75 minute session on building a successful business online.


  • 8 pillars of a Heart Centered Business
  • How to choose the right social media platform
  • Traditional growth systems vs. Heart Centered growth
  • How to build trust within your audience (key if you ever want a conversion!)
  • How to pinpoint your niche + develop your own unique marketing style
  • Developing partnerships + collaboration


  • 75 minute session
  • Pre-recorded Q+A time (juicy)
  • Curated + tested list of writing resources
  • Digital workbook 
  • Instant, lifetime access to ALL of the content
  • 🌲 We plant a tree for you when you join!

    You’ll receive an email with the full class kit! 75-minute pre-recorded online class + workbook.

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    I know when to follow the rules and how to follow my heart in all dealings, posting, clicks, and campaigns. Maybe I can help you do the same.

    Vive la Heart Centered Business,
    Danielle + Team D

    P.S. This class is a taster of the mentoring provided for our Heart Centered Leaders every month—FREE. Learn more here.

    Looking for 1:1 support as you go through this work? Go here.

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