Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention
Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention
Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention
Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention

Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention

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The With Love, Danielle podcast was #1 in Health & Wellness on iTunes. It was our largest driver of traffic and engagement in 2019. Want that kind of visibility for your message? We’ll cover the creative ecology of podcasting—from finding your voice, to editing audio, to deciding how you show up on social.

Save yourself a lot of Googling, and cash.
Over the years, we’ve vetted hundreds of apps, software, services, and tools. You’ll get lists of all our favourite podcast resources.

This pre-recorded retreat includes 2+ hours of training, and is 1000% USEFUL. We’re covering a lot of ground:

  • Inspiration + Creation: choosing your lane, staying in flow
  • Production: equipment, resources, recording and editing tips
  • Publishing your podcast: how to submit your show to all the big platforms
  • Marketing + Metrics: we’ll share our strategies for increasing ranking and reach, how we structure our podcast promo, the stats we track, and data on our best successes… and mistakes!

You’ll train with:

  • Danielle LaPorte
  • Dee Bailey, Chief Operating Officer
  • Kelly Whinnem, Podcast Editor / Audio Producer
  • Nikki Bonsol, Senior Writer

You’re keen and highly capable. You could do this alone… but you shouldn’t. If your inner cheerleader is saying, “THIS is the mentorship I want to invest in this year”... then let’s GO for it.

Here’s to you, broadcasting your heart and smarts.

With Love,
Team D + Danielle

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