FREE Class: How to manage your emotions when leading emotional people

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A 4-step self inquiry process to manage overwhelm and 
thrive as a compassionate, magnetic leader...
with Danielle LaPorte 

The most powerful thing you can do for the world is heal yourself.

Whether you’re a nervous newbie leader, or a seasoned professional, none of us want our own overwhelm spilling onto the people we’re serving. Only way to do that is to resolve our own stuff. But a lot of us are stuck in cycles of “fixing.”

Let’s stop the looping. Bye, overwhelm… Hello, Compassion. And from there, we can navigate emotions with our clients.

Join me for this class and learn an incredibly simple exercise you can use for yourself AND with your clients to stay grounded while resolving complex experiences. 

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Class Overview

During this FREE 75-min session with Danielle, you’ll sharpen the 3 key skills all Heart Centered leaders need:

1. Respect for all emotions. Effective leaders can remove the value judgments that get attached to “feelings.” You’ll leave knowing how to do this.
2. Masterful in polarity. Can you hold more than one emotion at a time? Yes, you can. You’ll leave with a simple practice that neutralizes charged experiences so you stay grounded.
3. Compassionate + skillful language. You’ll understand how to express to your clients that you deeply hear them.
I’ve worked with a team of Integral Master Coaches™ and seasoned Facilitators to build a single exercise that helps you master these skills. We’ll do it together LIVE during this class.

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This is an invaluable class for… 

1. Newly trained coaches, counsellors, Facilitators, yoga teachers… who want to be inclusive,  masterful guides.
2. Seasoned, trained professionals + team leaders looking for fresh high-impact content to be of meaningful service.
3. Idealists looking to expand into the leadership inside of them, despite any overwhelm they may feel.

The process I’ll be walking you through during this class began about nine years ago with The Desire Map. Over 300,000 people experienced that methodology. This includes that wealth of experience and transcends it. 

The intelligence of love is the medicine of these times. This is a light dispensary. Please step forward if you’d like to join us in the healing work… unified.

See you there!

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