Biz Class: 5 creative habits for content makers + marketers
Biz Class: 5 creative habits for content makers + marketers

Biz Class: 5 creative habits for content makers + marketers

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Flow needs structure. Drift no more.
75-minute class with Danielle + Team D Leadership
PLUS! A workbook to polish your creative heaps into diamonds

Got ideas? Lots of ideas? I know, babe. I have notebooks and files on top of folders and visions. I might be able to help you curate and polish your creative heaps into diamonds.

You bring the aspirations and we’ll outline the systems to get your creativity into the world.

. . . . .

Class Overview

In this class, we’ll share how you can capture your everyday, lifetime, take-it-for-granted experiences and turn them into insight, humor, education, and information. We’re taking a two-way approach to creative habits:

  1. Your philosophy and how you approach your life as a creative person
  2. The practical habits to harness your message and content

PLUS! We’ll share our Creative Quad Format and Credo for Content Systems. 

Whether you’ve got endless ideas, or you’re creatively stumped, fear not. Join Danielle + Team D Leadership for this deeply practical 75 minute session to wrangle it ALL. 


  • How to approach your own life as a creative opportunity
  • Reflection questions for crushing your gimmicks and how you know it’s time to change
  • Team D’s habits for collecting and optimizing vast amounts of content
  • Our Creative Quad worksheet for assessing where your creative focus should be
  • Our Credo for Content Systems and the simple approach we take to content organization


  • 75 minute session
  • Pre-recorded Q+A time (juicy)
  • The Creative Quad worksheet
  • Digital workbook
  • Lifetime access to session + content


  • Instant, lifetime access to ALL of the content
  • 🌲 We plant a tree for you when you join!

You’ll receive an email with the full class kit! 75-minute pre-recorded online class + workbook.

. . . . .

Crush your gimmicks and go to the Light. And pay close attention to your creative fantasies.

Vive la Heart Centered Business,
Danielle + Team D

P.S. This class is a taster of the mentoring provided for our Heart Centered Leaders every month—FREE. Learn more here.

Looking for 1:1 support as you go through this work? Go here.

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