Earth Adoration Full Moon Group Meditation (June 14, 2022)

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You’re invited to a LIVE virtual event:
The Earth Adoration Meditation

You’re the light and this is the light work.

This visualization is selfless service for Mother Earth. As we nourish our nervous systems and open our energy channels, we ALSO help heal the ecosystems—because it’s all connected. So we’re going to POUR ON THE LOVE.

We’ll be together for about 30 minutes, visualizing (I guide you) layer by layer through all of the Earth elements and working with different light frequencies.

When: Tuesday June 14, 2022 @ 7am PT / 10am ET – Full Moon
Where: Virtual Event
What: The Earth Adoration Meditation
Recording: Available for 48-hours

Prep (all optional): 

  • Position: Be cross-legged in lotus, or feet flat on the floor if you need a chair. Ideally, we sit with a straight spine so that energy can flow easily. And you know… if you’re walking or making breakfast and that’s the best you can do to tune in—let’s roll.
  • Light a candle if possible. We’re calling in the actual “elemental beings of fire” to help us go deeper with this healing work. 
  • Want to boost it? Any of these essential oils for extra ommm: Rose. Frankincense. Sandalwood. Spruce. Lavender. Juniper. Cedarwood.

See you in the stratosphere.

With Love,

P.S. Nudge your friends to join. There’s more power in a group.


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