Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection
Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection
Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection
Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection
Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection
Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection

Relationship Nourishment: Guided Reflection

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Visualization + sacred words + key questions for more soulful connection—with everyone.

THE VIBE: There are EGO relationships and there are SOUL relationships. Ego-based relationships are transactional (you can know it). Soul relationships are based on heart virtues: Love, compassion, inclusiveness, joy, generosity. They’re resilient, long term—and by that I mean, they go beyond big life transitions, and beyond lifetimes. Doesn’t mean they’re not bumpy, though.

Ego or soul—all relationships are vessels of transformation. And every bond, no matter how it plays out, leads to deeper spiritual refinement.

Want to go for a walk together? (Or you can just sit with your journal.) I have a set of questions, a gorgeous visualization, and a mantra-type track to help you take your relationships deeper—with friends, lovers, family, and yourself.

THE BENEFITS: In Relationship Nourishment, you’ll get journalling and meditative practices to expand your capacity to love and feel love. I’ll give you a visualization that helps you embody heart virtues. You walk and think (or sit and write) to a deep inquiry about what makes you feel nurtured, how you emanate Love, and what unity looks like in your life. That clarity will help you give and receive more fluidly with others. Use these practices to nurture a specific relationship, or help you develop more presence and intimacy and inclusiveness across the board. Connection is medicine.


  • One Guided Reflection Audio (63 mins total). A guided experience that contains:
    • Ego-based + Soul-based Relationships Perspective (37 mins)
      A beautiful mini-lecture to expand your perspective on relationships.
    • Visualization Practice (5 mins)
      For building relationships on the ground of your devotion to truth. 
    • Reflection Questions (10 mins)
      Focus on one relationship for the exercise, or be open to what each question brings up. Then take the revelations from your answers and apply them to nourishing connection with your peoples.
    • Sacred Words (11 mins)
      10 power words, on loop, set to music: Compassion. Inclusive. Communion. Forgiveness. Soul Expansion. Nourishment. Streaming Love. Harmlessness. Purity of intention. Inter-dependence.
  • Two Sacred Words Audios: Regular (11 mins) and Extended Versions (23 mins)
    You get the sacred words as separate tracks to play anytime you need to drop into presence. Loop it in your living space while waiting for your dinner guests to arrive. Play it in the car on your way to a hot date. Or queue it up for extra heart before a courageous conversation.
  • One Print-n-post Reflection Companion (PDF)
    A printable/digital 1-pager with four parts:
    • Encouragements
    • Visualization cue card
    • Reflection questions
    • Sacred words mini-poster
  • One tree planted on your behalf. When you purchase Relationship Nourishment, we plant a tree with our charity partner TreeSisters. We’re living more reflective lives, and building forests together. Love and oxygen!

Bundle and Save $10
Get two Guided Reflections! Relationship Nourishment + Relationship Releasing, for only $40 (regular: $50). Get the bundle.

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