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Shall we be your portal to B-School?
Because we back it up with brilliance you will use.

Want to be a prolific, relevant creator? Honest marketing that attracts the right people for you. How to build a cohesive team? Launching podcasts, memberships, and courses? Register for B-School through me, and we’ll do 3 Virtual Business Retreats together AND! You will also receive a 1-year license for The Desire Map Facilitator Program for teaching workshops, mentoring, or to apply to your coaching practice––there are 500+ Desire Map Facilitators in 23+ countries. 

3 Virtual Business Retreats with Team D + Danielle

We’ll give you 3 VIP tours of the inner workings of Danielle LaPorte, Inc. Each retreat will be 2 hours, part didactic and part Q+A. You’ll submit questions ahead of time so we can prep to really deliver the gold.

Weds, Apr 29, 2020 | 12pm PDT - 2pm PDT
The Prolific + Profitable Creative: Art + Ops 

Danielle LaPorte
Dee Bailey, Operations Director
Renee Masur, Content Director
Traci Wallace, Marketing + Community Director
Nikki Bonsol, Senior Writer
Katie Zupan, Graphic Designer
Isla Martinez, Junior Marketing Manager

We’ve had multi-million dollar launches and we’ve operated in the red. Deep collaborations, and solo ventures. Platforms, promo, evocative branding… We’ll walk you through the lifecycle of one of our top-selling digital products, from inception, through production and pricing, to delivery and customer service.

Weds, May 27, 2020 | 12pm PDT - 2pm PDT
Resonance: Produce a podcast that gets attention

Danielle LaPorte
Kelly Whinnem, Podcast Editor / Audio Producer
Dee Bailey, Operations Director
Nikki Bonsol, Senior Writer

The With Love, Danielle podcast was #1 in Health & Wellness on iTunes. It was our largest driver of traffic and engagement in 2019. Want that kind of visibility for your message? We’ll cover the creative ecology of podcasting—from finding your voice, to editing audio, to deciding how you show up on Instagram.

Weds, Jun 10, 2020 | 12pm PDT - 2pm PDT
Develop your people: Planning for team cohesion, wellness, and growth

Danielle LaPorte
Chela Davison, Integral Master Coach™

To produce with depth and beauty and CONSISTENCY, you need solid team wellness systems. Chela is the genius behind our team cohesion. She’s a world-class Integral Master Coach™, and former president of Integral Coaching Canada®. Chela’s helped us steer clear of burnout, and practice new ways of being that align with our personal desires and team vision. We’ll share processes and structures for developing your team values, and using them to your people nourished and effective.

When you sign up for B-School 2020, you get access to these lives retreat, as well as the recording and digital PDF version of the teachings.


And! There’s more...
Get a 1-year License for The Desire Map Facilitator Program

Desire Map leadership + heart-centered business training are a dynamic duo. Over a quarter-million people have Desire Mapped. This heart revolution is growing—and you could grow with it.

If you’re a coach, teacher, trainer, community leader… If you want to engage people in meaningful, heart-centered conversations and action… then you should know that there are hundreds of licensed Desire Map Facilitators leading workshops in 23+ countries, anywhere people can gather: yoga studios, boardrooms, schools, retreat centers, in parks, on the beach, and virtually. They’re serving new parents, execs, incarcerated people, recovery groups, teens, and all good humans on the personal development path.

As a Facilitator, you receive workshop and coaching curricula, and support for launching and marketing your offerings from Master Facilitators, Team D, and Danielle.

When you sign up for B-School 2020, your first year is totally free. If you’re already a Facilitator, your next year is on us!

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