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Free + Clear Course

Free + Clear Course

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This is not your typical “year in review.”

Free + Clear is about reflecting on your recent past and using that wisdom to do a life reset. We vet through both your calendar and your heart’s experience to assess, take what we want going  forward, and let go of the rest. We get informed on our interior landscape. And then we make better decisions about where we want to go from here. And by “better” I mean more intentional, more joy-focused, even more courageous. More conscious and loving. 

Plan from an expanded perspective, not a limited past—from clarity, not conflicted desires. 

Free + Clear is about inner attunement in support of outer attainment:

  • reframing obligations into conscious choices. 
  • shifting resentments into empowerment.
  • letting go of what isn’t serving you anymore.
  • putting systems of wellness + happiness into place.
  • choosing how you perceive your past. Because what you think about your past, influences how your future unfolds.


1) Lifetime Course Access. 10 videos. 15 worksheets (printable if you want to take them to go). 11 embodied rituals for letting go, creative renewal, and sticking by your commitments. Catharsis and clarity at YOUR pace.

a) Part 1: Retrospection. Review the year. And this is KEY: through a HEART perspective and a CALENDAR lens. The highs and lows, micro and macro—without the self-criticism. You’ll examine your “obligations,” and reframe them into conscious choices. And we’ll zoom in closer to see the feelings—and thoughts—that the events of the last year created for you. Because how you look at the past informs your future.

b) Part 2: Conscious Gratitude. This is about turning your pain into power with DISCERNING gratitude—and no spiritual bypassing.

c) Part 3: Pleasure. Being in pleasure leads us to deeper joy—which can be a homecoming to your fuller self. Your pleasure empowers you, so let’s work it into your plans.

d) Part 4: Reset. Part of the restoration is releasing what no longer serves. Plus: reflection prompts and a planning guide at the end to help us incorporate the sacred into our calendars.

2) Printable Free + Clear Workbook

3) Audio Only Versions + Full Course Transcripts

4) Free + Clear Community. This is a private space to pose questions, share stories, offer advice, and connect with people around the world who are taking this course with you.

5) Course Access through the Commune App

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