The Desire Map Experience: A Guide To Creating Goals With Soul (MP3)

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This is six+ hours of sonic love direct from me to you.

How is this audio program different from the print version of The Desire Map book? If you’re an audio person, rather than a “reader”, you could start here and follow along to identify your core desired feelings and yearly intentions. The “Experience” covers the actual Desire Map process itself.

If you’ve already “read” the book, there is a lot more new juice in this audio program. In addition to that major how-to walkthrough, I branch further out into some of the philosophy within desire. For more than half of this audio, I free form riff on the ideas behind desire mapping as a life practice, and I work in some spoken word pieces that have never been recorded elsewhere.

Danielle LaPorte’s “desire map” is a holistic planning tool for helping listeners figure out what they want–instead of what they “should” want. By tuning in to how they feel, LaPorte believes, listeners will be able to identify “goals with soul.” LaPorte’s distinct voice woos her audience; her intimate tones sound sincere–but never corny. (Sometimes this production sounds like a very personal one-way conversation but in a good way.) LaPorte’s passionate conviction, both spiritual and practical, about helping listeners map their paths and true intentions is an invitation many will want to accept. Her steady pace and willingness to repeat key phrases (“Feeling good is the primary intention”) will help everyone absorb her message -

Product specs:

  • MP3 for immediate downloading
  • 6 hours
  • Format you’ll receive: MP3
  • Produced by Sounds True Publishing

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