The Desire Map Course
The Desire Map Course

The Desire Map Course

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Return to your heart. Choose your feelings. Create your life with intention.

Here’s the strategy: Always start in the heart.

The heart’s sensing, healing, and creative power is unlimited. It can tell the difference between truth and illusion; it can transmute what’s holding us back into actual progress; it has the wisdom to take everything, and everyone, into consideration. The heart knows how to find joy even in suffering. It is constantly signaling us to choose life.

What old world healers have known, science is now proving. Our feelings lead our biology—having a profound effect on our heart rhythms, brain chemistry, and the myriad of systems they control. Stress brings chaos in the heart, positivity brings calm and steadiness. When we "think" with our hearts, we build our lives from a cellular level. It's the ultimate self agency––and it generates what we're all wanting: joy, peace, and ultimately, a more loving world.

Over 200,000 people have worked The Desire Map––and that’s just in English. It’s been translated into 9 languages. There’s a workshop and coaching program that hundreds of beautiful facilitators offer in 15+ countries to help people all over the world live from their hearts. All that to say—it works.


The Desire Map Course is a layer-by-layer video journey + printed workbook to help you identify your Core Desired Feelings and use them to inform your thinking and actions. Exercises for reframing your perspective, prayers, manifestation techniques, and Core Desired Feelings reflections.

  1. Lifetime Course Access: Parts 1-4 of the Desire Map Course
  • PART 1: DISCOVERING Your Core Desired Feelings
  • PART 2: CLARIFYING with Your Core Desired Feelings
  • PART 3: PLANNING with Your Core Desired Feelings
  • PART 4: LIVING Your Core Desired Feelings

2. The Desire Map Workbook
116 pages for sourcing your true power

3. Lifetime access to the WeCommune Desire Map Course Room
A communal space where Desire Map facilitators provide their unique perspective and expertise to help you return to your heart and live your life with purpose. 

4. Audio Only Versions

5. Full Course Transcripts

6. Course Access through the Commune App
Watch videos offline, create custom playlists, and screencast to your TV.


3% of net proceeds from The Desire Map Course will be shared with these charitable causes:

  1. Eve Ensler’s VDay, a global movement to end violence against women and girls.
  2. charity: water, to bring safe drinking water to everyone in the world.
  3. A natural disaster relief fund to be disbursed to local relief efforts when major events occur.

Our business operating principle: We create content to help elevate consciousness—spread Light, with Love. We share our prosperity by creating a supportive work culture, and weaving philanthropy into our commerce. We believe that it’s critical for evolution that business transforms into a healing support system for humanity and the Earth.

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