The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck
The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck

The Ocean + Rose Meditation Deck

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Transmute wounds into wisdom.

If you’ve done some metaphysical homework (of course you have, you’re here), you’ve probably come across the idea of “cutting energy cords” with people and places. That practice can be a powerful remedy to imbalances and protecting ourselves. But… sometimes… 

If you’re in an emotionally volatile space, it can be difficult to dissolve energetic ties with people you’re angry at, or a situation that felt wounding or hurtful. The “cutting ties” gesture itself can have an underlying aggression. And that’ll just generate more angst—which is just another energy hook, more of the same story… 

Enter: The Ocean + Rose Meditation.
Rather than emphasizing “cutting away” or separating from our sorrow, our guilt, anxiety, shame, jealousy, failure, fears, etc…

The Ocean + Rose Meditation guides us to gently and thoroughly let go of all of the layers from a sticky or painful connection or event. Your part in the pain, their part in it, the pain in the middle. The pain over the pain.

And then we offer it all up to be transformed into a higher vibration—which is how we create wisdom. With the help of The Divine, we refine our suffering into Light.

This is how we gently + thoroughly heal.


56 printable cue-cards for self guided meditation + healing.

  • Intro + Intention. Why the practice works, best times to do it, and how to best use it in relation to trauma and bigger impact events.
  • Pre-Care. How to prepare the body + mind for the practice.
  • Setup. Supplies you’ll need and how to prepare your space.
  • Invocation. Open yourself up + welcome in the Divine.
  • Practice. Step by step guidance through the complete meditation and self healing experience.
  • After-Care. How to close the session, ground yourself, and integrate the healing.
  • Quick Look. Cue card with the full practice, briefly outlined for quick reference.
  • Mantras. 3 mantras to address different pain points.
  • Aroma. Suggested essential oils + herbs + flowers to assist the cleansing.
  • Mood Boards. 2 lush, dynamic visual cue boards to set the mood.

80+ minutes of Danielle guided audio.

  • Intention. An intro to the practice + theory behind it with Danielle. (10 mins)
  • Setup. Loving, step by step guidance to prepare yourself for the meditation. (22 mins)
  • Guided Practice. The complete Ocean + Rose practice, guided by Danielle. (50 mins)
  • Mantras. 3 specific tracks to play before/during/after your practice to support deep release and healing.

. . . . . 


This practice is about offering our pain up to The Divine to be transmuted. This is a visualization for healing current or lingering sorrow or grief. It’s meant to bring peace to inner conflict, entanglements, and trauma. 

We work with the subtle energies and healing frequencies of different colours and light, and powerful symbolism from the natural world.

The intention is three fold: 

  • We lighten our hearts of burdens.
  • We integrate that pain into learning.
  • We become more open to continued healing and blessings.

This is deeply cleansing work. We are creating more cohesion and efficacy with the healing elements and energies in our liveswhich is to say the healing energies within oneself. This is powerful to understand: "healing elements" are not outside of us.

We are healing ourselves.

Please Note: This visualization is therapeutic, but it’s not psychology-based therapy. Some pain and trauma need the guided excavation that a therapist brings, and visualization and meditation are supplemental to that work.

. . . . . 

Our healing work pays off in Divine currency. 

Through this practice, we open ourselves to receive more:

  • Freedom from suffering. 
  • Resolution. 
  • Wisdom.
  • Forgiveness.
  • Compassion.
  • Inclusiveness.
  • Love.

. . . . . 


This practice can be used regularly as a cleansing of our sacred Inner Temple.

It can also be used as an extended practice to clear more significant trauma. 21 days… or more. Further guidance provided in the deck for how to use this practice to address your healing needs.

The Ocean + Rose Meditation is a profound offering you make to your Soul.

. . . . . 

The Ocean + Rose Meditation experience is fully virtual (with a deck designed to be printed on recycled paper). Very minimal carbon karma.

Your meditation deck purchase plants ONE TREE with our partners at TreeSisters.

How Pay What You Choose works

Team D is made up of 17 people in three countries. We’re grateful to do this work and make philanthropy and accessibility pricing key to our company.

Top tier price: helps us grow the business, create eco-based physical products, offer accessibility pricing, and be generous with charities.
Mid tier: helps us make a reasonable profit and give steadily to multiple charities.
Lower tier: helps us cover our operating expenses and give to select charities.

With EVERY purchase, no matter what price:
We plant a tree with TreeSisters. Love and oxygen!

Pay What You Choose pricing does not apply to: Our courses, jewelry or foreign language books—these offerings are not fulfilled by us. Desire Map Licensing and memberships are processed separately, accessibility pricing is available.

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