Love + Radiance New Moon Group Meditation (March 13, 2021)

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You’re invited to a LIVE Virtual Event:
The Love + Radiance Group Meditation

Our focus is to bring healing to our Deep Sensitivity, aka our Inner Child. 

I work with this meditation regularly. It’s like a tonic for my neuroses, the most effective tool I have to heal hurt feelings and interpersonal friction. It helps me feel less flared up. Less offended and offensive. Less alone. This is a practice for calming the turbulent waters of emotions.

This is meditation meets visualization. There’s a magical throughline: you will be bringing your Inner Child into the sacred space.

In the last few years I figured out that a clear indicator of spiritual maturity is softness. The proof is in the tenderness. As it turns out, spiritual maturity is about parenting ourselves, with... profoundly gentle, unwavering attention.

When: Saturday March 13, 2021 @ 7am PT / 10am ET – New Moon
Where: Virtual Event
What: Love + Radiance Meditation for Inner Child healing
Recording: Available for 48 hours

See you in this sacred space.

With Love,

PS: Nudge your friends to join. There’s more power in a group. 

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