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A guide to creating success on your own terms  The Fire Starter Sessions reframes popular self-help and success concepts to cut through dull thinking and fear and get straight to one’s core desires pragmatism and courage — and burn some illusions to a crisp.

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  • 432 pages
  • 80h 98 / 16 hardcover

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The Fire Starter Sessions is the permission slip you’ve been waiting for — to fully want what you want and go for it, to expand your consciousness and your cash flow, to up the ante on your dreams, to be incredibly generous with your love.

This is a modern-day pep talk and soul-centered Q&A for people ready to shine brighter than they ever have.

And after these straight-talking sermons and burning questions about your truest desires — from career to relationships — you’ll be clear that the only permission you need to shine … is your own.


The Fire Starter Sessions reframes popular self-help and success concepts to cut through dull thinking and fear, and get straight to one’s core desires, pragmatism, and courage — and burn some illusions to a crisp…

  • Life balance is a myth, and the pursuit of it is causing us more stress than the craving for balance itself.
  • Being well-rounded is highly over-rated. When you focus on developing your true strengths you enter your mastery zone.
  • Screw your principles, well, some of them. (They might be holding you back.)
  • We have ambition backwards. Getting clear on how you want to feel in your life + work is more important than setting goals. It’s the most potent form of clarity that you can have, and it’s what leads to true fulfillment.
  • Competency is for suckers. Your most valuable currency is what comes naturally to you. When you focus on developing your true strengths, you enter your mastery zone.
  • You’re an artist, and that’s that. When we’re giving our best, we’re being artistic. When you’re bringing your whole self to the party, you’re making poetry happen — and you do it all the time, naturally.
  • Be the giver. Force it if you have to. Make generosity part of your growth strategy and you will cross that sacred divide where love is no longer a concept but is your soul made manifest. You. Giving. Love. Gorgeous.

Each session in the book is accompanied by worksheets that are provocative and results-oriented.

We’ll talk about contradictions — you should leverage them. And money — how much do you want… and why? And soul — what else is there? And ground it all in the practical how-to’s of getting what you want. Because theories are nothing without intelligent action.

This is an inquiry into You, with proof-of-theory vignettes to keep you inspired along the way.

My own personal narrative of loss and achievement — from boardrooms to ashrams — flows with stories of women and men who stopped playing it safe, deepened their commitment to their soul, and became freedom seekers and fear tamers. Bright.

You’re next.

“Danielle LaPorte is scary smart, yet so kind and practical that she kindles the fire in you without causing you to feel consumed by the flames… Lean in and listen close. What she has to say is what our spirits need to hear.
– Martha Beck | Steering By Starlight

“…a modern masterpiece that will impact millions of lives… outrageously inspiring, wise, and actionable. You’re going to fall in love with this book.”
– Marie Forleo |

“Danielle’s passion leaps off the page, and reading a few chapters of this book will ignite you into action.”
– Gretchen Rubin | The Happiness Project

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