Soul Limber
Soul Limber
Soul Limber
Soul Limber

Soul Limber

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The Soul Limber Yoga Class is a 60-minute video yoga practice that weaves the thoughtful inquiry of Desire Mapping with yin and yang yoga. Led by Yoga Teacher and Desire Map Facilitator Dani March, this is a feel-good-flow that will prepare you for the deep soul-work of The Desire Map. Adapted from the Soul Limber section of the Desire Map Workbook, this yoga practice is a gentle inquiry into your body and heart. This practice incorporates meditation and yin and yang yoga to bring openness and energy to the body.

Suitable for students of all levels.

Video Introduction to Soul Limber
ideo 1: Sensations of Positivity
Video 2: Warming the Soul
Video 3: Twists & Relating
Video 4: Circling Your Desires 

  • Video format you’ll receive: mp4

Video 1: Sensations of Positivity

In this guided reflection, Dani walks you through a series of prompts to help you get closer to the source of truth inside you. The open-ended poetic inquiry in this reflection is meant to encourage you to think deeply as you take a comfortable position on the mat.

Video 2: Warming the Soul

In this practice, you’ll begin to limber up your body with slow mindful movements. As you move through the poses and contemplations, you will be asked to consider your full range of motion and move in a way that feels good to you.

Video 3: Twisting & Relating

In this active yang practice, we’ll be using heat and twists to open the floodgates of inquiry.
Desire Map questions and prompts are woven in to help you get closer to your truth and desires by asking you to consider your relationship to the people in your life.

Video 4: Circling Your Desires

In this passive yin practice, we’ll be slowing things down. This sequence helps you come home to your body and even closer to your truth by holding long, slow-paced postures, supported by deep breaths.

Dani March is a Registered Yoga Teacher 500, Lifestyle Coach, and Desire Map Master Facilitator. Dani fell in love with the stillness and meditative aspects of Yin Yoga, and now, is a devoted student of yoga, meditation, and The Desire Map. Dani dishes out soulful strategies, tangible tactics, and resources for living your best life. She’s led workshops, retreats, and classes across North America including Desire Map and Yoga workshops for Yoga Journal LIVE conferences. She is also the founder of LivOn Purpose  — a modern day yoga teacher training that combines the yin and yang aspects of yoga with the underlying current of transformational work.

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