LIVE CLASS with Danielle LaPorte + Jessica Zweig

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Poise, anxiety, applause, heckles. Performance and poetry. Power groups and classrooms. Public speaking. Between Jessica and I, we’ve hit the bases, missed some marks, and left it all on the stage.

This is a class for anyone who is presenting to anyone… anywhere. A team pitch meeting or a conference keynote. We’re going to tell you about why our best presentations worked, and how we learned to get more centered and assured. 

This will be a teaching blend of spiritual perspective, psych 101, presentation basics, and a bit of the beauty and travel stuff that we both wished a friend had told us before we started our speaking careers.

This is a class you’ll replay before you step out to shine and serve.

Thursday, September 15
1pm PT | 4pm ET


  • How to prepare your content to have impact
  • Preparing your mind and getting centered—from nerves to calm
  • When to put the mic down
  • How to secure the gigs
  • Looking good and feeling good
  • Post presentation rituals for deeper learning


  • Digital Workbook to carry you through the class
  • LIVE 75 minute session with ample Q+A time
  • Lifetime access to the class recording
  • Follow up resources + links

Vive la Heart Centered Business,
Danielle + Team D


“Absolutely loved every minute of class today. Sometimes we get on business calls and it seems like it drags on and takes forever. NOT YOURS! Not today. I honestly didn’t want it to end.” – Eva L.

“Thank you so much for everything you all shared with us today. That is truly heart-centered, grounded and authentic. Really nurturing. Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Johanne

“Just wanted to say that the workshop today was fantastic and so well timed. It can feel like old processes like funnels and opt-ins, Facebook and the likes have become inauthentic and frustrating. I found this workshop actually allowed me to see the tools I already have in place from a new perspective. Heart Centered focus flowing and giving new life to well worn practices. Thank you so much.” – Christina F.