5 Creative Habits for Content Makers + Marketers

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Got ideas? Lots of ideas? I know, babe. I have notebooks and files on top of folders and visions. I might be able to help you curate and polish your creative heaps into diamonds. In this class, we’ll share how you can capture your everyday, lifetime, take-it-for-granted experiences and turn them into insight, humor, education, and information. We’re taking a two-way approach to creative habits: 1. your philosophy and how you approach your life as a creative person; and 2. the practical habits to harness your message and content.

Plus we’ll share our Creative Quad Format and Credo for Content Systems. 

Thursday, June 9
2pm PT | 5pm ET


  • How to approach your own life as a creative opportunity.
  • Reflection questions for crushing your gimmicks and how you know it’s time to change. 
  • Team D’s habits for collecting and optimizing vast amounts of content. 
  • Our Creative Quad worksheet for assessing where your creative focus should be. 
  • Our Credo for Content Systems and the simple approach we take to content organization.


  • Digital Workbook to carry you through the class
  • The Creative Quad worksheet 
  • LIVE 75 minute session with ample Q+A time
  • Lifetime access to the class recording
  • Follow up resources + links

Vive la Heart Centered Business,
Danielle + Team D


”Just wanted to share the Biz Circle last week was amazing and a true gift to my wife and I and our organization, Allowing Love. It's so valuable for us as we are diving deeper into marketing, ads, funnels, etc etc and want to keep it all 100% authentic and heart/soul centered bc that is the level of work we're doing.” – Eric L.

“This was such a great business circle! Can’t wait for the next one!” – David P.

“Thank you—that was awesome. I loved it. Great questions. Time flew right on by! Can't wait to do it again! Love.” – Amanda G.