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Attunement Classes

For life clarity and courage.

Up close and personal with Danielle. Where esoterica meets everyday struggles and gains.

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Fire Starters

For creatives and entrepreneurs.

Strengthen your voice. Prioritize what’s sacred. Define success—on your own terms.

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White Hot Truth

You are your own guru.

Clarity for keeping it real on your spiritual path - from one seeker to another.

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Mindfulness meets lush visualization.
For healing your energy bodies, meeting your intentions with compassion, and giving them upward to be transformed.

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You could grow your business alone… but you shouldn’t. Let us teach you how to run a heart-centered launch, produce a podcast that gets attention; and create healthy systems + culture on your team.

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Listen oh so closely... Explore our soulful Sonic Collections for creativity, courage, and more.
The right words, just when you need them, right where you are.

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